Dimensione Suono Soft


About Dimensione Suono Soft

Dimensione Suono Soft is a private interregional radio station based in Italy. RDS Radio Dimensione Suono group owns it. The radio station focuses on soft adult contemporary music.

More Information

Dimensione Suono Soft is the private regional radio station of the RDS Radio Dimensione Suono group dedicated to well-being, present in Lazio and Lombardy. Dimensione Suono Soft always offer relaxing listening thanks to the soft and persuasive atmospheres that are created by a musical choice that is enriched by the great successes of yesterday and today.


Website: www.dimensionesuonosoft.it

Language: Italian

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +39 06 3770 4600

Address: Via Pier Ruggero Piccio, 55, Roma, Italia

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