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Discology Radio in Italy is a popular disco music station that plays around the clock. The DJs mix old school classics with new tracks, interview musicians, and host themed shows, appealing to all disco fans.

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Discology Radio, an Italian radio station, plays disco music around the clock. It is now among the most well-liked disco radio stations in Italy. It has assisted in bringing disco music to a fresh audience of listeners. The DJs at the station mix up a diverse selection of disco tunes, ranging from old school classics to fresh tracks. Additionally, they conduct interviews with disco musicians and host themed shows. This place is excellent for enjoying disco music, discovering the history of disco, and connecting with fellow disco enthusiasts. Whether you've been a fan of disco for a long time or are just beginning to explore its deep background, Discology Radio is the ideal destination to listen and dance to the beat.


Website: www.discology.online

Language: Italian

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +39 331 204 4288

Address: Milan, Italy

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Discology Radio