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About Divina FM

Divina FM is an online radio station from Italy that is well-known for its electronic music programming. Being an Italian radio station, they prioritize Italian music for their playlists, which consist of top quality and popular music. Divina FM is an online radio station with excellent prospects and potential.

More Information

24 hours of music featuring the most successful songs of the last thirty years, along with popular disco tracks, all accompanied by highly experienced speakers. Divina FM's mission is to bring you the best of the musical world with lots of fun and relaxation. We are always looking for news in entertainment and important information for your day-to-day.


Website: www.divinafm.it

Language: Italian

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +39 089 872525

Address: Via Campo Aquario, 1, Amalfi, Italy


87.7 MHz FM

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Divina FM