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About Dj Mr.lucky On Air Sreaming

Dj Mr.lucky On Air Sreaming broadcasts 24/7, they play nonstop house music live on the internet. The best well-known DJs play energetic DJ songs. Quality internet allows global listeners to enjoy organized playlists and DJ songs on web radio anywhere.

More Information

DJ Mr.Lucky, on air streaming radio, grew up in Naples and began DJing in clubs for techno music in the early nineties. In the following years, Mr.Lucky played in some clubs known as the Neapolitan Paradise, La Sonnambula, Tobu, Myway, My Toy, Paragraph, KGB, and Lemon Light, where, together with other DJs such as Tony Maione, Tony Valentine, Peppe Napolitano, Massimiliano Vitolo, Alessandra Argentina, Genny Marotta, and Lello, he addressed the first Roman Naples house. To connect the youth with the music world, they decorate DJ Mr.Lucky's on air streaming playlist with songs that the youth will love.


Website: Dj Mr.lucky On Air Sreaming

Language: Italian

Email: [email protected]

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