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Groove Room features a live techno artist from Italy, who has been producing and managing sound systems globally. He has worked for labels like Flying Records, Self-Records, and Robotics Records, providing mastering, production, and remixes while building a diverse sound repertoire.

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Groove Room is the channel's live of tech where you can hear him live. Tech has been smashing sound systems around the world for several decades, starting in his native Italy, and finally landing himself in Basel, Zurich, London, Naples, Italy, where he currently resides. Beginning his campaign of techno in the first 90's in Italy, he soon delved into the production side of things, and eventually managing. A quick study in the technical realm, he fast found himself manning the buttons for renowned labels such as Flying Records, Self Records and Robotics Records, providing mastering, production and remixes for various labels, all the while building his repertoire of twisted pristine sounds.



Language: Italian

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