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105 STORY plays the best of the music mixes non stop. È gratuito e chiunque può sintonizzare la radio. Divertiti senza sosta, il mix definitivo di riproduzione musicale.

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At 3.40 pm on 16th February 1976, in a small studio set up in an apartment in the Giambellino district, on the outskirts of Milan, a great adventure began: for the first time a private broadcaster broadcast its signal throughout Italy. It is Radio Studio 105, later renamed Rete 105, and then finally, in the mid-nineties, Radio 105. The radio of records. Because, in the Bel Paese, the first network is precisely 105, the broadcaster of pioneering inventions, the one with its headquarters in the heart of the Lombardy capital and with two offices overseas, in New York and Miami.


Sito web: 105-story

Lingua: Italiano

E-mail: [email protected]

Numero di contatto: +39 02 6596116

Indirizzo: Studio Radiofonico 105 S.p.A Sede legale Largo Donegani, 1 20121 Milano

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