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Essere WebRadio appears to be an Italian web radio station focused on music, idee, and creativity. This web radio plays the best music of all styles and tastes. Presentando sempre musica di tendenza per un intrattenimento di qualità, this is one of the best radio stations for around the clock entertainment.

Maggiori informazioni

Based on their website, they describe themselves as a "web radio between the real and the imaginary" Dove "musical passion embraces the world of communication." This suggests a diverse and creative approach to programming. They likely play a mix of genres, including Italian music, international music, evergreens (classic hits), and potentially other styles.


Sito web:

Lingua: Italiano

E-mail: [email protected]

Numero di contatto: +39 327 665 3766

Indirizzo: Via Ada Negri 9 Tivoli

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Essere webRadio