About LatteMiele

LatteMiele is an online radio station where a lot of music plays every day, featuring current rhythms for all tastes. Information spaces, interviews, gatherings, and plenty of entertainment are also provided.

More Information

Radio LatteMiele is an Italian radio station known for its focus on light Italian music. They primarily focus on playing popular Italian music, likely ranging from classic Italian hits to contemporary artists. Based on their programming, they seem to target a broad audience, potentially appealing to listeners between 25 and 50 years old. Radio LatteMiele likely incorporates news bulletins and traffic updates alongside their music playlist. There's a chance they might have programs dedicated to local events or discussions in the areas they broadcast. Radio LatteMiele has a long history in Italy, dating back to 1977. The station might have regional variations depending on the location. If you're looking for a radio station playing a wide variety of Italian pop music with a focus on Italian culture, Radio LatteMiele could be a great option. Their long-standing presence suggests they're a popular choice among Italian listeners.



Language: italian

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +39 335 787 1910

Address: Via Bernardo Quaranta 29, Milan

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