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About Radio Delta 1

Radio Delta 1 broadcasts a broader variation of programs and dedication to listener’s preferences. It’s an intuitive radio for those who care for the overall experience. It gives listeners the experience they want from a radio like it. Pure entertainment and passion for engaging experience make it a popular choice.

More Information

Radio Delta 1 broadcasts both Italian, Abruzzo, Atessa, and international music that varies from genre to genre. Although their main genre of choice is pop, top 40, and adult contemporary, they have no problem playing songs from genres like hip-hop, urban, R&B, etc. The radio's main vision is to play what their listeners will listen to, or, if saying it another way, what their listeners would like to listen to. As Italy has its own beautiful tradition of music and culture, Radio Delta 1 most of the time tries to play songs and arrange programs that represent its own tradition of music and culture.



Language: Italian

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: tel:+39 0872 897545

Address: via Piana La Fara, 380 66041 -Ch-


101.0 MHz FM

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Radio Delta 1