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Every nation has its own style, which is derived from lifestyle-related things. Lina Web Radio is mainly a radio station that plays music intended for Italian listeners. This radio strives to offer its listeners a variety of music that aligns with their country’s preferences and current trends.

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Click, share, participate, and spread the word: invite your friends to join us! Interact with us via your favorite social network while listening to the best hits of the moment and the greatest hits of all time. Stay informed about local events and everything related to the world of music and entertainment. The programming offers you an accurate selection of music, both from today and from the not so recent past. It is you, through your desires, your suggestions, and your ideas, who build the schedule together with us, which will gradually become richer and more complex.



Language: Italian

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +39 3456 27 67 07

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Lina Web Radio