Love FM Boutique

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About Love FM Boutique

If you are tired of the boring content delivered continuously on the radio. Love FM Boutique might be the refreshing radio station you are looking for. It will provide entertainment in a highly entertaining and captivating way. You will be drawn in by the high level of involvement of the radio.

More Information

Love FM Boutique is a radio station made for individuals who enjoy lyric-focused music rather than excessive chatter; tailored for those who wish to envision their own dreams while listening, rather than having to hear about the dreams of others. It was designed for those who enjoy "listening" to the radio, for individuals who tune out when music loses its emotional appeal and turns into mere talking and noise.



Language: Italian

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +39 800 242 473

Address: Via Uruguay, 20 35127 Padua, Veneto, Italy.

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