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About Radio Emme 2

Radio Emme 2 offers music that can be enjoyed anywhere connected to the internet, providing a way to escape boredom. According to the time and preference of their listeners. Radio Emme 2 Is that radio for you that will make you happy every day.

More Information

Radio Emme 2 offers a combination of music and news to assist listeners in relieving daily fatigue, featuring a great selection of music and global news coverage. Every Saturday they are prepared to provide a venue for activities, music shows, and performance opportunities for anyone wanting to showcase their talents and share their passion. Sports news from all over, not just Italy, is brought to you by Radio Emme 2.



Language: Italian

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +39 335 836 3588

Address: Via Michele Panaro 34, Conversano, Italy


102.0 MHz FM

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Radio Emme 2